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worth hearing • very rarely does news make me cry, it usually makes me angry; the kind of angry that causes me to shatter dishes against the wainscotting, but not usually weep over the general state of affairs. Brandeis University is liquidating the entire art collection from the Rose Museum. WHY? because Brandeis like all universities is hemorrhaging money and its endowments are worth about 9 dollars in S&H green stamps, all thanks to Bernie Madoff and a cast of thousands. Obviously I didn’t go to Brandeis and have never seen the Rose, however, mark my words….this is the first domino and soon enough every other institution worth its salt will be following suit. Art of all sorts that had once been available for public enjoyment will be hammered down to disappear into private collections most likely OUTSIDE of the country. It will take generations for our institutions to build up their public collections again.

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