Aside from quick forays to the mailbox, today was the first day I got out of the house since I don’t remember. It’s like clockwork, the calendar flips over to January and I get sick. It’s an annual tradition, and every 3 or 4 years my simple nasty ass chest cold turns into a bronchial infection, I remember one year I drove myself to the ER on new years – actually no, I was so blitzed I DON’T remember doing it. This year I took the wimpy cowards road and hunkered down under layers of cats and coverlets for the entire time.

It finally broke up last night, but the drugs still have me a little loopy so I bummed a ride with my brother to visit Herself at the rehab unit. Only to discover the ditzy nurses have been lettering her order her own food. Which means she ordered a cup of beef broth – WTF? that’s not dinner that’s a drink. Here’s a 83 year old woman weighs 90 lbs and they LET her order nothing? I dunno what I looked like, probably an oddly menacing blue woolen blob with unkempt hair, but hopefully I made these angels of mercy understand this was a really bad idea.

Selfishly one of the perks of not working outside the home with other grownups. I don’t get introduced to their germs and they don’t get to share mine. And if I call in sick I don’t have to fake it. Though now I do have a hell of a big to do list ahead of me.

Regarding the other elephant in the room, I am indifferent about which Democrat wins. In my heart I want Obama, a nice freshly scrubbed well meaning young Dem, positively reeking of naïveté. But Clinton is a well muscled deal broker who might makes things stick and well Edwards is a nice smart rich white guy. I really don’t care, as long as Huckabee and his religious fascists die a flaming horrible death, I’m will be a happy camper. Hell I’d be happier if we fed, W and Cheney one limb at a time to a few pissed off tigers – but then I can’t have everything can I?

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