forever amber

This isn’t about books, I won’t even pretend it is. Remember our pal Amber? The sweet old cat with the game leg who was dropped off by Animal Control? Well Amber is in the ER with a UT Infection. (what IS it with boys and bladder problems?) Well, it’s Sunday here and the only vet open are these overly sterilized shiny shiny 24 hour mercenaries. Even though they knew he was a shelter cat, I still spent 40 minutes haggling over the bill and less that 5 talking about treatment. The modern way to treat animals is to fantasize about the outmost reaches of the bill and then ask for half that. The guestimate being about 3/4’s of the genuine total bill. As long as I check him out at 7AM tomorrow the ballpark is between $600 & $900 (precisely) of which I had to cough up half. I’m just gonna put it out there and see if I can get 5 bucks each from the cat freaks out there. That’s it just 5 bucks. If you send it to me that’s great and if you want to mail it directly to the group @ that’s swell too. Amber and I thank you.

Here he is at an Adoption Day. He doesn’t like the cages, so I let him wander around on a leash Thursday he ate half a catnip plant and got kinda stoned.

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