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Okay i finally broke off with the Survivalist forum ..i was spending way too much time on it…i posted this marvelous anti romney video from Joss Whedon and i got reprimanded because somewhere in it, he said two words ‘reproductive rights.’ I said fuck you fascists and the horse you rode in on. Too many paranoids mutherfuckers anyway.

Doesn’t mean i will stop putting crap away in the closet for a rain day..which is odd because it’s always raining in my life…right now i have about 20 bucks to my name and a negative bank balance, nearly no gas and a storm bearing down. Oddly i am not panicked at the moment…catch me tomorrow. While putting things away in the barn….i poked my nose into my travel’s still there. I haven’t moved it in forever..i just can’t bear the thought of selling it. If i ever become homeless i will be sleeping in it…regardless i pulled out the 2 battery coleman lanterns…the batteries expired in 2008 and they still work..go figure.

I also opened up a tin box i had forgotten about and found a cache of bug out food. I don’t even remember putting it must have been in 2006. Anyway..the only food that was inedible were the little boxes of raisins..and to be fair they were just a little dry…the pop tarts were perfect…the instant mashed potatoes taste just like they are supposed to..i think…i’m not into instant food..but the instant chocolate pudding was out of this world! 6 years in an airtight box didn’t do anything to it…i must remember to buy more pudding. I will eat the rest of the foodstuffs and then refill the box – don’t to waste a perfectly good airtight container. This time i will try to keep track of it.

I now regret tossing all the tin cookie boxes i have ever had in my life. My mother’s generation saved them like they were gold ingots, i used to use those round danish cookie tins for cables and probably still have some in the basement. So far the only special items i may buy when i can afford it are these things called Oxygen absorbers..little packets like silica gel packs that remove the oxygen from long term storage containers. apparently they are all the rage with the ‘prepper’ folks..and they seem to be something i can afford.

meanwhile i still have some 6 year old pop tarts and pudding to tied me through this oncoming storm. 8)

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