found the $3 motherload

i should have skipped click2mail test drive but i learned a lot about online mass mailing services reading up on that….cause i found what i was looking for: has basically any card combination you would want. I DID find the ‘custom folded greeting card snail mailed to a person’ option i was looking for and what do you know?…it is $3 too. I have enough pictures of my truck, so i test drove another idea which is to do some fundraising cards for Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley, yes $3 is too much to send out to many people if they AREN’T expected to donate more than that. But had always had this idea in the back of my mind that a shelter should send out cards to previous adopters with the picture of the adopted pet as an annual celebration of their adoption day SLASH fundraising ploy. Hey, it’s a thought. if a group was well organized it would be effective i am sure of it. Regardless, I ordered plain greeting card and sent it to myself. ‘

I have made up my mind to use THIS service to send the handful of holiday cards this year..i don’t celebrate Christmas per se, but i do acknowledge its existence as well as Solstice, Hanukkah and whatnot that this time of year brings upon us. So, the few people I actually give a shit about will get a greeting card with one of MY photos on it, and i have made a mental list of some Thank yous I should have sent out already.

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