Four days

. . . that’s how long it took me to change my Cafepress site around… Sure they revamped the site since last time I did this and offer lots of shortcuts, but the price you pay is in time. What I had thought would take me a few hours, killed several days and I am not even sure it was worth it.

I can’t draw and am not very creative, so the site doesn’t carry much in unique art. I am more of a collector, when I see something I like I save it. But I do sell a handful of things around Christmastime and a enough things through the year to keep it open. As long as I break even I am happy.

But seriously I like Cafepress to make the accouterments for all my non-profit projects (which according to the IRS is just about everything I do.) , if I need a single t-shirt or a messenger bag of a few buttons for a particular non-profit group I can reach out and make them. If I afterward I need MANY, I can hire a local vendor to make them. I am still not through checking under the beds and looking in all the corners, there are a lot of items are wonky, andI have a number of new items i want to add, but if anyone sees something peculiar or wants a custom design, just holler at me –


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