Frankenwall redeux

So the table arrived, 24 hours after i ordered it from ebay, shocking. i did need to get the guy from upstairs to hold it while i crawled underneath but it DID go up like the directions implied, and lets just hope it STAYS up.

I still need to paint all that woodwork on the doorway etc and i have another strip of border to apply to the top. The opposite wall is the same style..originally i had the color made to match the background on the border, and for the top i cut off the edges so the flowers. Its not that i am lazy, i just found a ‘look’ for this dark long hallway of a kitchen and i don’t want to redo it.

I am also going to hang a light from the ceiling right over the table, but i need to replace the ceiling panel and finish repainting the ceiling 1st. So far the table is a perfect height for the stool I bought, as well as a standing desk. But with the right lighting i can use it for photo setups as well. Bonus feature.

The next step, if the wall anchor bolts hold out, I will be looking at installing a medicine cabinet on the wall above..stay tuned.

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