This is frankenwall, i don’t have a picture of it from before i stripped the paper. Basically it took my brother 3 years to fix the leak from the apartment above my kitchen, and then it took me a few months to work up the energy to tackle it. basically once i started stripping the black moldy paper i just kept going. My trick is to do it one step at a time, about one a week, so i am not getting overwhelmed. I also stupidly didn’t take a picture of one of the middle steps.Where I applied the wallboard aluminum patches, about 8 of them and then a few yards of drywall joint tape. It truly took on a frankenwall look. In the meantime I covered everything with primer paint including myself.

you probably can’t see the difference in these pics work on the BUMP, I smashed the spot behind the aluminum patch with a hammer which broke up the plaster behind it without causing a problem. Then i put a pilot hole and a screw through the patch into the lathe behind it, more joint compound to cover the dent and voila – no more BUMP. The last picture also has a layer of liner wallpaper, which is plain unprinted, unfinished wall paper – 1001 uses. It’s due for a final paint job of yellow paint and some wallpaper border leftover from the 1st job 15 years ago.

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