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I love FREECYCLE….now when’s the last time you heard me LOVE anything? nearly almost practically never. But this is, in the words of my people, wicked awesome. An entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (& getting) stuff for free in their own towns. The rules are ridiculously simple, sort of – be nice, don’t exchange money and don’t abuse someone’s patience.

Basically you find and join all the ‘Freecycle’ yahoogroups in your immediate area, and you post what you want to get rid of or respond to any messages of interest. So, far I have posted and give away: bakeware, upholstery fabric, a portable toilet, some vintage appliances. And I have responded to posts and given away, industrial shelving, (along with industrial tables, a big metal desk and all the contents of an old workshop) and a fish tank. Last night I gave away a dresser my mother had painted a garish color and put in the basement, and when the guys were here, they happily carried an old three quarter bed up from the basement and put it by the dumpster where I can get it out to the trash by myself.

It’s not particularly useful for trading in books, unless you like yardsale leftovers, however I have managed to snag some clean shipping boxes and today hopefully some packing peanuts will be mine.. Mee so happy.

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