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comcast-sucks After thinking about it for two days, i finally sent a short email to Himself, politely booting him in the ass to shit or get off the pot…no it didn’t sound like that…it was mostly reminding him that in 3 months my life has not improved one bit.  I also CCed the lawyer who was less than pleased that i sent it to him directly… but hey..i kept whining to her and nothing happened..she’s gotta learn that i am just at heart a petulant impatient child.

The only other thing of significance i managed to tackle today was to start changing all my comcast emails to something comcast free…i picked an email i don’t use presently. I have had the comcast email for like 20 years now, and it is insidious, nearly every website i have had to sign into uses that comcast email. I can’t wait until I move to make the comcast v no comcast lifestyle. If i wait  I may have to have comcast installed for a few months and thats just stupid.

Going comcast free is a rather radical idea, most people who have had the chance have already done it, some of us have been chained to it unwillingly for years.   I know I will have at least have a choice between FIOS or Comcast, and i will make the best decision I can when the time comes. I  just access to the internet, but the cost for such a thing from comcast is exhorbitant in my opinion. Asde from that i haven’t had the problems other people have had with has been happily tracking all the evil doing that comcast and other evil corporations, reminding us that they all suck pretty evenly.

It is rather shocking the number of times you have to log in your email address all over the internet, and then don’t even remember it.  Cleaning out your cookies now and then doesn’t cover the half of it.  Websites where you puchased one thing that one time,  newspaper sites, forums, subscriptions, and if you are a happy little email addict like me, it is probably four or five times the number of logins than the normal user…well maybe more…

I am obviously missing out on an opportunity to just disappear from some corners of the internet, but i never could keep track of multiple identities..i would suck as an internet troll.  I couldn’t even manage to manage a twitter account for my cat.  it was too complicated to remember his password.

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