Fresh Hell

cool • of a peculiar deluxe copy of the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook that I found recently.

uncool • Penguin is still trying to screw over Stuart Silverstein, the editor who found the “lost” Dorothy Parker poems, edited them and published them with Scribner. Penguin wanted to include them in their ‘Complete poems” so their editor just “bought a copy of Silverstein’s book, cut the pages out and literally made photocopies of the poems” giving Silverstein neither compensation nor attribution. Neither party OWNS the poems the NAACP does, but Silverstein did a lot of heavy lifting and Penguin appropriated it. That’s naughty. Very naughty.

site to see • btw I loaded a ton of new stamp images over at the literary stamp blog, sorry you may have to scroll back a few pages, I scan them as I get a moment and then upload them when get time.

obit of note • Kathleen Woodiwiss dies at 68

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