fresh hells

today or rather YESTERDAY was a day from hell that which all other days from hell can now be measured… there were buckets of fresh outrage being delivered almost hourly. I had already begun sticking pins in the Mayor’s office to stimulate a response, just as one sticks electrodes in a dead frog. While they were busy scratching my name off all their once and future christmas card lists…an alert came in over the transom that this particular house..well it doesn’t look like that now…is sue to be demolished for no other reason as the Nursing home corporation who owns it is tired of paying the taxes on it and thinks an empty lot in the middle of Methuen Square will go unnoticed. Needless to say i spent a large portion of the day composing emails that express outrage without using socially unacceptable curse words. trust me that was not easy. Besides provoking inefficient and aggravating city government officials and having a state pols’s office ask me politely NOT TO until they can provide some parental supervision, trying to round up support to preserve a 19th century structure…i found out that my scum-bag-son-of-a-bitch brother is trying to stir up trouble again, he would really like the universe better if i were not in it…and i would like my world better with him on the other side of it..but i am not going out of my way to fuck with him. So i had to write still a third letter this time not so outrageous that assured the city that the rescue groups that i work with are indeed legitimate and that any inspector is more than welcome in my home. after 50 years he still thinks that i’m afraid of him or basically anything. Something people forget about middle aged women…we have very little ego left…we spent the 1st half of our lives subordinating our own needs and desires to take care of everyone else in our lives – i proposed that all civilized advancements are due to middle aged women. We don’t care how difficult something is or how foolish we look, we only see that something needs doing and no one else is stepping up to the plate.

Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon I started looking for some stress relief…instead of paying my car insurance bill I bought two college textbooks for a local kid i’d never met. I felt badly when her mother appealed to freecycle, i never had to spend too much on my own textbooks (which is probably self indicative) , and textbook publishers will all dwell in the same circle of hell with utility companies – so why encourage the fuckers? what the hell it’s only money and it only bought me a few minutes of peace…I ended up sneaking up to Goffstown to go drinking with a buddy of mine and we spent a few hours plotting my brother’s demise. Hangover or not I got up at 4 am to commit some creative vandalism – don’t ask but i have a new found respect for those folks who weave messages into overpass fences…it’s not as easy as it looks, especially in the dark.

Long story short, I managed to piss off nearly everyone I have been working with, it was about time…i really am much more productive when i work alone. I only manage to piss off myself. more later

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