friday already? Wow, how did that happen?

Amazing how i can fill up an entire week and not remember it. Just more same old same old: “Scrub scrub, here. Scrub scrub there.” Freecycle, Bonanzle, or Craiglist everything not nailed down that isn’t related to bookselling or that I am not personally attached to. Someone the other day asked me ‘what’s with all the cleaning?’ It’s the weather, bud. JUST LOOK AT IT? it’s freaking gorgeous out. Though there are errant piles of ice here and there, but you can actually open a window or two during the day, though night is still up in the air.

Booksellers are the first ones to tell you that books attract dust, like little electromagnets, they attract dust to them better than any other object in the house. After being walled up inside since mid November, longer for some of us, opening a window and kicking out all the dust bunnies is a major priority. Rearranging all the piles of undone work, even going so far as to wipe the few open surfaces with a dust rag – practically a communal ceremony.

I have as yet not culled one book, but I have made room for adding another bookcase of two if I had the mind too. I do get the biggest kick out of walking through a room without knocking over a pile of books or bumping into the furniture. Right now you could probably park a Minicooper in my living room, which is how i like it. And I MAY repeat MAY, go so far as to wash the windows this year. It’s not as easy as it sounds some of them are missing weights and are a chore to prop open for any reason. But I think a little daylight wouldn’t hurt, except to expose all those Abbott and Costello style cobwebs hanging from the rafters.

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