friday on the road

another post i started like fitty times.. last Friday was a big day for me…actually i can’t remember the last time i got to SIT and screw around at my pc in the last two weeks. as a matter of fact i have to get up in 30 minutes..and all i want to do is curl up with my cup of broth and veg out.

anyway..back to last friday..I had that rotary thing at lunch where I speed talked for about 30 minutes about the benefits of having a rail trail in town to the local rotarians. I think it was a hits, people have come up to me at other events since to say it was very enjoyable. I am hoping that we get some sponsors and donations out of it….

that was lunch…then i got on the road and went to Cambridge…i had my eye on a Methuen pamphlet in their special collection and with a little note from my home library the Widener library issued me a Visiting researched library card. they could NOT have been nicer. they handed me the item, showed me to the scanner and let me use their pc to upload the hi res scans to my drop box account. I am seriously sad they didn’t have more of my material. My next trip will be the a theological school in Newton who has a piece on the baptist church.

I got my scans and headed to the Wilbur theater to a live taping of the Nerdist Podcast..which turned out to be a series of stand up routines by the cast then a sit down silly fest with a lot of audience interaction.. I can’t say the audience was mixed..about 10% of it was my age, the rest considerably younger. It was basically the same type of crowd i went to college with, cept older. Completely enjoyable and worth the money.

By the time I got home I still had a bunch of work to get done but was too dead to care.

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