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2014-03-26 20.17.11The hutch is one cat wide, that’s it though, i am not buying another stick of anything before i move. I am not even going to window shop anymore. I know how much things will cost and what’s available… any looking i do now is just a nervous habit to keep my spirits up. So this thing standing empty in my kitchen is an everyday reminder to buy the house to put it in.

2014-03-29 15.48.24 I have started pulling stuff out of the corners of the basement and garages that I want to bring with me, things that have made it through cull after cull and are still here. these red chairs and a non matching table were what we had in our kitchen in 1967, and surprisingly are still solid and not beat up. They actually have the worn patina that people TRY to get.

So I washed them off and parked them in the living room. And started poking around the garage, where i found an actual oil painting. It was probably done by one of my mothers girlfriends, i don’t recognize it…but i just washed if off and hung it up. I found a few things I had forgotten about, but will be making the trip – like a pickling crock, a curtain rod, and a vintage bow saw etc…, it’s sort of like a reverse yard sale in there.

2014-03-29 17.27.48 Surveying all the crap that IS making the trip, i’m getting a good idea of what it is going to take to move it all. When i have panic attacks about moving I just figure i will throw money at the problem and rent a storage unit and park it all inside and sleep on a couch someplace. But once you start researching the moving and storage industry you start getting cold chills. The internet is full of moving horror stories, the cost being the least of it: containers getting violated, deliveries being missed, possessions being ransomed.

The control freak that I am has sidelined the idea of parking a pod in the yard. Right now I am leaning towards buying a cheap box truck of my own and parking THAT in the yard. Once I am finished moving everything from here to there, I can relist the truck on craigslist. That’s not really a bad idea, i could even fit what i own into a transit van if i want to make a few trips, the only things of a substantial size will be the bicycles and the boats. If i don’t HAVE a decent size truck i will have to rent one. So i think renting a UHaul is actually the solution..unless i find a cheap truck in good shape.


There’s a few things left to sneak into the neighbors trash, but on the whole I am pretty happy with what i have left. i don’t actually need to BUY anything new when i get to the new house for the first few weeks until I finish painting and whatnot. I suppose i will need a cot, but i’m thinking of one of those chair futons to tide me over. In fact, once i pack everything in the cupboards and closets, i could probably put nearly everything in a storage unit until each room is ready. The longer I stay here the less i own,

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i suppose if i stay here long enough i will be down to a spork and a plate. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess the little red house doesn’t have any appliances in it, very few of the foreclosed houses do. Give me a microwave and a take out menu and i will be fine anywhere for a few weeks.


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