from the dept of WTF?

hand biting • from the Boston Globe: “In the past few weeks, Warner’s London legal office has sent e-mails to booksellers and party organizers around the country, warning them against unauthorized celebrating, under the threat of legal action. “[Your event] appears to fall outside our guidelines,” said one e-mail. “Therefore, HARRY POTTER cannot be used as a theme for your event. Warner Bros. says it’s only trying to protect young Potter fans from inappropriate, non-family-friendly celebrating. But to many booksellers, it looks like an excessive effort to make sure no one benefits financially from its trademarks.” (complete twisted tale)

Unauthorized celebrations? oh please, we have to suffer the crass overabundance cross merchandization, the potterization of every possible piece of paraphernalia and the endless ‘Harry is coming’ drumbeat and now this shit? Why don’t they take the RIAA tack and start suing folks for the Harry parties they had years ago? or arresting every small child with a sorting hat, or better yet, every person with a scar on their forehead cause you know they are just aping harry and that’s money out of Warner Brother’s pocket book. I say their bullies and I say fuck em. Celebrate what you want. Let them sue you . . . just think of the trial . . . .”this says you were dressed in a cloak, carrying a broom and having way too much fun.”

Expelliarmus everyone.

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