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I had forgotten what it was like to be an editor..I had to chase after a retired principal and a minister to get them to write their homework. And of course i got their words..and had to edited them in a small way, but it is my own words that aren’t completed yet.

a Friend of mine has written the preface for one of them..but i am seriously thinking i should be having them write forwards..not prefaces..

i have spent ages looking up the definitions of all the back matter and front matter components and i find a hell of a lot of overlap, some are even the same thing with a different label. right now i am in a what the fuck phase anyone who notices the mistake will probably not be holding one of my books.

for the Mattie Jackson I have already been invited to speak at the local african american church regarding the story.I of course declined to read the text one needs chubby white woman voice trying to inhabit 17yr old black slave. the minister will find a young girl to read some sections..meanwhile i will have to write something to say..i am still working on the afterward for the Jackson book… basically i am cribbing someone else’s research…but that’s not what these folks want to hear..what they want to hear is WHY they should read the book, what significance these voices have for the 21st century person whatever color. i dunno zactly…i am still shocked i found the story. as far as i know there is only one original copy left at the library at Univ. of NH in Durham.

the Abbot book needs a forward slash preface and i am sure there’s a lot of small tweaks to be made. that afterward isn’t getting written is it?

I finally gave up struggling with they don’t offer FORWARD as an option for a contributor. preface is the best i can do..i think i may just leave it as preface on the internet and forward on the books.

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