frozen in place

After rattling my lawyers cage, i am now back in a holding pattern…basically he’s treating like most men… which will not work out well for him, i will can his ass no problem. but he’s playing phone tag with Himself and Himself’s lawyer so i will give him some time.

MEANWHILE, i am doing what i can do to keep busy – and as much as i try not to, i keep imaginging a life in another location. Questions such as Do i want a freezer? do i need a freezer? what kind of freezer? what’s available for freezers these days? How much does a new one cost? how much does a new fridge cost? what’s the best bet? Is it worth spending $30 for the Consumer Reports subscription? YES IT WAS…because freezer or no freezer..i’m gonna need access to the Truck reports and any other appliance i may want to replace. In case you are wondering there’s a Kenmore Chest Freezer which is worth the price about $350 or so. I think it may be something i want to get in the new location, If its an agrarian community, i am sure in season produce is well worth the money, and with a freezer, i will go back to the baking I used to do. with a tiny ass freezer in a tiny ass fridge, i don’t have many options.

Do I want chickens? Do i want alpacas? Thats an alpaca….no i don’t want alpacas… i don’t think… chickens are a maybe. depends on lots of variables. I am going back to being more of a vegetarian than i have been of late… eggs may be handy…but a small garden and/or greenhouse will be a must. I hope i can find someplace that can accomodate. Like I said, I am trying to imagine what sort of life i will want to create for myself.

So far this week I have gotten pretty far on a couple of Greenfield books, and drew a line under a number of Merrimack Valley titles and planned out which ones i want to finish next. I feel good about them, and I have made a good start on the Event listing website I am designing for Greenfield as well. Between those two projects and expanding the Book Repair items I think i will be able to earn a passable income…at least no worse off than i am now. I think i live on about 12,000 a year..that’s just a guess. But i go nowhere and do nothing but volunteer work, so i’m pretty lame. IF i can exceed that amount and keep up with the house’s needs, i should be okay.

My panic attacks still come and go, but they don’t last very long…right now the anxious ness i feel is because its not happening fast enough…and in my experience the longer the universe knows about your plans, the better chance it has of screwing with you.

But isn’t the alpaca cute?

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