Frugal February

2015-01-28 18.02.12So, I got this idea – about creating a “Frugal February” for myself…… I tried looking around on the internet, yeah I did find a few references to the phrase, but nothing so big I could sink my teeth into it.  So I decided to invent it myself – something BIG and challenging… if I fail, I fail, no big…if it works, then perhaps I can carry some habits out of February forward into March etc…

My idea is this. To spend as absolutely little as possibly for the entire Month.  It’s a short month, whats the worse that could happen? Okay, Utility bills are excluded.  And after I fill the tank on the first, gas will be  also excluded if I manage to go through it, but I will be watching my mileage.   Also excluded are things work related…for me that’s like restocking products and packing tape and stuff.  I would have said the pet supplies are excluded, but I think I have that down to a once a month shop anyway.

And the 1st thing I did when I got this great frugally money saving idea?  I went bloody shopping…yeah that’s how my brain works.   I MADE A LIST.. I swear I made a list… and I took a quick trip to you know where, and bought ONLY what was ON the list..mostly.   Anything I may run out of during the month…bleach, squirrel food, raisin brain, flour… etc.. the only thing not really on the list were rocks for the fish tank.

2015-01-28 19.10.58I really do have my ‘shopping’ down to a dull science, most of the spontaneous spending I do during the month is food related, stopping at a nice market for bread and meat, pr like chinese buffet takeout…. then there are the thriftshop trips…which I will admit I am really never gonna stop doing.  On the way to get the groceries I manage to drop about $30 dollars on what amounts to a handful of books and a box of frames and a really nice shopping bag.   In my own defense ONE of the books was 322 years old and worth about the same amount in dollars.   Another book is a nice little novel worth about $100, so as long as I am not buying actual CRAP, I think I feel good about this expenditure.  But seeing as how it will be Frugal February starting Monday, I will abstain from all spontaneous spending.

That also includes what I call Drunk shopping, though I am rarely drunk when I do it…or ever.  When i cruise the internet to see what is out there I might like.  That’s how I ended up spending $5 dollars here and there on cute little art for my cute little frames.  Or $10 for a book, because my TO BE READ pile isn’t high enough.  Or even MUCH more money for a first edition of a book that I love for my bookcase.  There will be none of that for the entire month… in fact I will need to come up with a penalty. ….how about for any spontaneous spending I have to donate an equal amount to a charity?  I dunno if that is in the spirit of Frugal February…or perhaps for every day I fall off the wagon I have to ADD one more day on the back end? that sounds much more painful.

There are still a few days left in January to work this thing out.  Tomorrow I will be picking up cat litter and squirrel peanuts at the co-op. And I am wracking my brain to remember if there is anything I MAY need during the Month that i need to lay in before Monday.  I picked up extra Nyquil in case I get sick and there is CERTAINLY enough food in the house to last many Frugal Fridays, though I may have to start eating things from the bottom of the freezer and the back of the cupboard. …I bought more canned sardines just in case.

I may have to break my vow and buy some lettuce and stuff in the middle of the month, that stuff NEVER lasts more than week if you don’t eat it.   The best way I know how to NOT spend money is to stay out of the stores, so, I bought a lot of flour, I will be making a lot more bread than i have since I moved here. Which was a goal I had anyway.  Hmm..i really should eat up some of the freezer to make room for all the baked goods.


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