fry up

Still experimenting with these… there’s a mention in the book i am transcribing about a fried pie, basically a cranberry turnover “like his mother used to make”….and he would steal from the buttery. I am determined to master them.  The first batch I had the oil too high and the store bought pastry that i am using, browned on the outside and did not cooked through. This second batch were completely browned, crispy and edible, but a little greasy indicating the oil was a smidgen too low.  Never one for deep frying, all I know is what I read in the books, the heat, should  brown, but not saturate. Don’t say “use a thermometer”…they didn’t have one in 1865, i’m already using ready made pastry…which damn it all, i should use more that I am impoverished again, it would be handy to have in the freezer..i wonder what one would taste like stuffed with Nutella?

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