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when i posted about the AppleCARDS app, i had some requests for a DESKTOP version of these online apps. Which I hadn’ thought to look for. So now i Did. finding places online to send out a snail mail letter for you is relatively easy….not AS easy as it is to find a place to print custom post cards in bulk and send them to you for subsequent mailing. But finding someplace to print and Mail ONE CARD AT A TIME is more problematic. So far I have found a place that will do a postcard, which i would say SHOULD be nicer than the postagram but not as nice as the CARDS app.

The first thing I found in my googling is a blog post from Digital Inspiration blog which offers a comparison of the online services that were available at the time (09). Send Postal Letters Anywhere in the World Through Internet – Email to Snail Mail Which sent me to Postful.com I am not sure what they did in 09, but now they forward you to Click2mail.com’s easylettersender.click2mail.com portal to create order and send a #10 letter or a 6×4 postcard…for what turns out to be less than $3.

I placed an order to check out the service. Click2mail.com‘s website however was designed by drunken monkeys…i couldn’t find the same service from their mail site, what i did find is a Vistaprint.com type service which will either bulk print your materials and ship them to you or mail them from an uploaded mailing list. My original intention for this search was to create and send ONE CARD from a desk top computer. So, I am still searching for an option which mimics the higher quality Folded card from Apple CARDS app. Let you know when this post cards gets here.

There was a time…seriously there was when we all thought we would keep buying all those blank avery cardstocks and printing our own COLOR cards and snap shots at home on our own color printers. Then companies figured out that they could GIVE the damn printers away, because they’d get us on the back end with the color cartridges. Cause believe ME printing 20-30 full color images at home is going to cost you WAY FREAKING MORE than zipping them off for a .19 apiece down at the CVS with the Kodak kiosk. I dumped my color printer 4 or 5 years ago..actually it was longer than that.. if i need something printed in color which is usually either a proof or two OR bulk printed..no inbetween… i send the one or two items to Fedex Office up the street and print it for a buck each or i have Vistaprint print them in bulk and send them to me. Hence i don’t have a color printer in the house screaming to be fed and always out of a needed color. Like dumping my fax machine, i am a happier human.

BTW while i was poking I found that a lot of online Snail apps… PostalMethods.com even has step by step instructions to send out invoices from a variety of Accounting applications, like Quickbooks online. Gee I wish I had someone to BILL.

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