Full house

Kittens are coming in batches now…i collected 4 yesterday…and went back at 5:30 am to fish for the last two…then i used the screaming kittens as bait for MAMA….and i suspect that MAMA isn’t the MAMA of all of the babies. So i need to go fishing again. I really should be on the road for the census…but the bloom is off that rose…..i am starteding to get car sick away from home.. not good. never straying far from the nearest dunkin donuts bathoom is a tiresome.

I have parked the family of 6 kittens and Mama in my double wide cage… ibungeed two cages together sideby side without their sid doors…so we have a bedroom and a playroom…with 6 kittens we are gonna need it. Mama whom i named ‘Clownie’ is a feral…she will have to be put back outside after she’s fixed. No more room at the in for unadoptable kitties…and everyone wants kittens.. shouldn’t have a problem getting a rescue group to take them all.






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