funniest book you never read #3

“The problem for anyone writing satire today is competing with the front page.” Christopher Buckley

Little Green Men by Christopher Buckley (2000)
Americans don’t DO humous novels anymore or at least not very well or very often, not like the English do anyway. But every so often someone comes along who disapproves my theorem. Little Green Men was my first introduction to Buckley’s skewed view and he gives great satire, he’s like a bartender who mixes my drug of choice. In this novel he takes his father, or a reasonable facsimile perhaps crossed with John McLaughlin, the X-files, Area-51, the Art Bell show and all those wonderful Washingtonian bullshit merchants, stuffs them in a Waring blender and hits puree. What comes out is a marvelous satirical slushee of pundits, polemics and paranoia. It’s humor lies in juxtaposing things that one would normally find antithetical only to find they they are actually more alike than not . . . and best of all it very well written. Not like the truckloads of trade paperback tripe with cartoon cover art that fill up bookstore endcaps, purporting to be ‘the funniest book this year!”. . . . yes, I have issues -don’t you?

also on tap are Thank you for Smoking, the White House Mess and No Way to Treat a First Lady

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