funny story

Okay, so I get this call at 10pm last night. Customer wants to know if expedited shipping is available for my Ink Erasers. She’s got an accent so I ask here where they are going and she says ‘Maryland’, so I says, ‘yes, but it would be a waste of money’ – the erasers go first class, priority and first class will both get to Maryland rather quickly, so why throw away the three bucks? So after 10 minutes of explaining this and telling her to place the order online anyway so I don’t mistype her card number or address etc, she goes away very happy. Now how many business owners take orders 24/7? yeah I know i’m a dolt.

We get to this morning and I am packing order to go out in today’s mail…and there’s her order for Maryland…just her name and city and state…no freaking street address. So I send her an email..saying hint hint nudge nudge i need your address. Apparently she’s not on top of her computer like I am and after a while of no answer, I pick up the phone. I get her voice mail…i get her HOME voice mail. So I leave a message saying, if you get this before NOON call me with your address cause it ain’t going out today after that.

Now you KNOW, and I KNOW, that she won’t get any messages until AFTER the post goes out and I am going to get an earful for not getting her package out in time for her to erase whatever ink she needed to erase in such a hurry. (seriously guys..i am getting a LOT more of these emergency Ink eraser shipments …and I keep TELLING you folks it doesn’t work on check paper!) I know i know I could have taken her order at 10pm when she called..but seriously who orders anything from anybody who isn’t LLBEAN at 10pm at night? huh?

anyway..i thought it was funny……well it was funnier in my head.

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