funny story

. . . it’s all in how you look at it. Someone dropped 8 boxes of kids books on my stairs and drove away . . . as people are known to do.
So, I shoveled them into the back of the pickup and paid a call on one of my oldest bookish friends. Anyway, we spent an hour divvying the spoils between her grand kids and my brothers rugrats. Then We both had a simultaneous flashback to an afternoon about 15 years ago. Weird eh?

She and I and another buddy have been friends for about . . . . ohmyhgod, 27 years now, since we did time together in a Waldenbooks. And15 years ago when she had her own store, the three of us would get together and shelve…it’s not as stupid as it sounds, we shot the shit while we worked and she bought us pizza.

We can’t remember the particular afternoon at all, since there we so many afternoons, but we remember the book vividly. It was one of those easy reading books for six year olds. but it was the damndest thing. I read it aloud, and we laughed hysterically, then Steve read it aloud and we laughed again, then Anne read it, then I read it again and so on. We couldn’t stop. We sat on the floor eating pizza reciting this silly sing song descendant of Dr Seuss and laughed until we hyperventilated.

I thought i had a copy of it in house, but i can’t find it. I probably gave it to someone who had kids. I think the ,local library has one… but I am uncertain if i want to read it again…it can’t possibly BE as good as the memory of it. Things never are.

BTW it was Toad on the Road by Susan Schade. and Jon Buller.
From memory (the author I had to look up)
“Hands on the Wheel, eyes on the Road I’m a careful driving toad!”
“Stop on red! Go on green! Drive in the carwash! Come out clean! “

I don’t know why it was so funny then, but it sure makes me giggle now.

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