garbage in – garbage out

I am getting used to this whole shut-in thing. I watch cars slide to a stop at the end of my street and debate whether going out on the road is worth it. It’s like they don’t know how to drive in freaking snow. I did notice that I spend less money when I don’t go out.

It’s not like I don’t have a ton of work to do inside, but i do get a little cave-crazy. I got fed up with bumping into things and finally got around to moving stuff OUT. Stuff i had previously ‘cleaned’ out but never removed.

So, I loaded up the car and took the occasion to foist my stuff on other folks. I brought 3 boxes of high quality resume paper over the the High School guidance office, they were rather dumbfounded, I guess they don’t get that kind of thing. The Senior Center thrift shop got my mother’s crockpot and carpet sweeper, and their activities director took my cache of several thousand brand new shoe laces..(don’t ask, I can’t resist a ‘free’ shelf anywhere.) I finally got someone from freecycle to pick up all the books I couldn’t sell and culled from inventory. It’s so infrequent I get to see actually FLOOR.

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