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I finally got something i have been wanting for a long time…by accident none the less. I recently gave my last thumb drive away..sometimes you HAVE to do that because people don’t carry their own. if it were smart which i am not, i’d carry a lot of cheap 1gb or smaller ones with me, JUST for that occasion but they are getting harder to find unless you want a LOT…and besides the larger volume ones are getting cheaper. I bought myself TWO more to replace the two 4GB i gave away…these are both 16GB and they cost under $10..i KNOW!! isn’t that SICK? that’s like what a billion times more memory than they had during the apollo 11 mission: 32KB which is approximately 0.00003 GB.

Anyhow I have good luck with the Kingstons and the Sandisks..but this kingston model has that HOLE..that TO DIE FOR hole where you can attach it have NO frelling idea how valuable that damn hole is. I tried it on a keychain, i tried it on my bracelet…and finally i put on the chain i used to keep my bike lock key on. and VOILA…perfect fit..some people wear a religious icon…i gots me 16GB of data in a sleek little thumb drive about the size of a stick of Dentyne gum.

I use them rarely but there really is no other substitute for them.  right now it’s got a bunch of images i made 4×6 prints of at the CVS and i added some of my .doc files for the sicpress line…as well as the huge hi res images and maps i make prints of at Fedex kinkos..and i only used one itty bitty portion of the drive.

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