Geeksquad Follies

Remember when I said the computer at my day job was broken? Well that was only the beginning, I had originally called Bestbuy’s Geeksquad (those are the poor shmucks who are forced to dress like mormons and go door to door fixing computers) to service the damn thing and eventually replace it with a nice shiny new one.

Then I spent the last week, reinstalling things and moving files and trying basically make the new one do the job of the old one, ‘cept for one little networking accessibility thing I couldn’t get over. I even had a tech buddy walk me through all the LAN settings, to make sure it was something bonehead that I was doing.

That’s when all my problems started, I tried calling them to make an appointment to have a tech either call or come by to check the settings and no matter who I spoke to or how many times I called, I kept being put on hold (I mean on HOLD, like 20 minutes of ON hold) and when they didn’t put me on hold, they told me they had to have someone call me back and it could take 24 hours. THAT’s when I started asking for a supervisor every time I called, because with all their computer accumen, no one ever thought to actually look up the account before they started having me recite the entire story all over again from the beginning.

Meanwhile 2 days have passed, and finally I get a supervisor who listens to my tale of woe and tells me he totally understands and will call me back within an hour with a solution to my problem. And 2 hours later when I call back to find out why no one has called me back, I have to go through 3 more people who can’t find the supervisor I spoke to and keep putting me on hold and leaving me there (I shudder to think of all the cell phone minutes this is costing me) on the 4th or 6th time I called back, I lost count (I even tried calling geeksquads home office, but i got put on hold and gave up after a half hour) , I finally got a kid who simply made an appointment for a tech to come fix my problem tomorrow and never once put me on hold.

Now, I am wracking my brain to figure out what was different about the 17th phone call? or simply are there THAT many incompetent people in the world that you have to keep trying them on before you find one who who knows what they are doing?

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