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I am STILL trying to execute what can only laughably be called my New Year’s Resolution..though i think i started before Jan 1st…to cut what i own in half. I keep getting stalled..i have been in this apartment for what 12 years now? i can’t remember. so much of what i own is neatly packed away on shelves and cabinets etc.. so outasight outamind right? i have been fussing for the last few days about how to keep myself motivated..intermittent panic attacks that manifest as cleaning frenzies cannot be depended on to accomplish the goal at hand in the time allotted. So i am debating between targeted vectors or categories or working from a TO KEEP list. …i think i have come up with a compromise.

This is a weird representation of my apartment…for the moment lets leave the basement, garage, and barn out of the equation..it’s enough i have included the porch. Basically i have given every area the contains a comparable amount of crap or volume. so every shelf, is ONE AREA, every cabinet is ONE AREA, and inside that cabinet or bookcase each shelf can be ONE AREA depending on how much crap is stored on it. And just for kicks, the Fridge is one area, the bulletin board on the wall is one area, the linen closet, the medicine chest, the desk, etc.

SO I made the 1st map, then i made a graphic representation…THEN I SCANNED IT, BLANK. So that now once I write in all the numbers representing shelves and such, i can always print it again when it gets too scribbled on. This is a mistake i have made in the past. There is nothing worse than scanning a map and then trying to erase notations so you can start over.

Mind you i am SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING ON PAYING WORK, so this is my reward…or my time out between work sessions. I still have about 5 pages of indexing to do on the 1918 dorgan, and i am going to finish that in the next 3 days, period. that’s my goal, but i’m going to do a little of this and a little of that..now that is my goal. Lets see what the universe does to fuck it up.

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