getting my third hand free…..

So? I’ve been a little busy…..which for me is better than UN busy…when i am unbusy, i tend to spiral down into a funk, spending a lot of time in bed and contemplating sharp objects. I have started about nine projects on top of the three I already had going. But of course there is always time for DVDS!! This is the batch I bought last week, I am about half through watching : Hallelujah (1929), The Green Pastures (1936), Stormy Weather (1943), Cabin in the Sky (1943), Pinky (1949), Island in the Sun (1963). All packed have extraordinary performances. The bonus features alone are worth the price of admission. BTW Fayard Nicholas passed away today. There is not enough footage of him and his brother Harold. Certainly not enough on DVD, Minnelli’s the Pirate (1948) is STILL not available.

Of course it’s Wednesday, one of the only 2 days a week I stop to watch actuall TV. Lost is on…opposite Bones and Veronica Mars…oh what to do? basically I watch Lost, Wait for Veronica Mars on DVD and hope like hell Bones makes it to summer syndication.

the only other day of the week I give a shit about is Friday…..Battlestar Galactica RULES. I need to buy that on DVD one of these days and have me a marathon. I love marathoning REALLY good shows…Futurama, Family Guy, Farscape, Firefly…and that’s JUST the F’s!!!

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