getting there is half the fun

At least that’s what they tell you…. the short 3000 word article on evacuating with your pet, has ballooned up to a 9000+ Word digital book. No shit. I will probably end up with something over 10K and printed as well as digital. Wait, let me it is too much, let me sum up. apologies to Wm Goldman’s Princess Bride…

I discovered that one of the ways to make money writing ebooks is to write a book about how to make money writing ebooks…. yeah i know how meta is that? There are dozens of books on amazon and elsewhere on how to write ebooks, i bought a couple and downloaded a couple more free ones… I wasn’t looking for help in WRITING, but i am looking for those few pieces of FORMATTING information which one usually learns by doing. If only after a lot of trial and error. So, it was cost effective to spend 2.99 to curtail my head banging time.

What I did learn that altered my direction was that people obviously want as much text as possible for the money. .99 is at least 10 pages, and it could go incrementally until 2.99 when the increments shallow up. People (like me) search for inexpensive articles and books and choose the ones with good ratings. It is wiser to release your book for free for a while until it gets enough ratings to float to the top of the search engines where anyone is likely to consider purchasing it. And the other thing, is that it can take years for your book to take off and reach the tops of the suggested titles lists.

Fair enough. I took my short naked article and started fleshing it out, which made perfect sense since the brochures from Fema and other agencies are naked lists already. Case in point.. I paid 2.99 for the kindle title i found that most resembled the one I am writing..i was afraid to research or read what was ALREADY available… i have done that before and what it does is undercut my confidence, i get depressed and stop writing completely… Anyway i bought after I had produced 8000 words so there was no going back from there. Turns out they had just reproduced VERBATIM most of the information in the pamphlet that is available for free from the American Veterinary Association. Hey…i used it as a reference too..but i have the good sense to NOT plagiarize verbatim. Did you know you can return a kindle book within a couple of days? neither did it. So I did.

I feel better about my work now. I will certainly hold its own against the content available. I have given it to a few friends to get feedback on the content. But i will have to add more prose to the beginning of the book. It has been suggested I work the words Zombie Apocalypse into the 1st paragraph if not the title…and i am working on the whole title thing. The title, subtitle, and so forth are the Meta Data which will control the keyword search algorithms so it is logical that the words prepper, suvivalist and zombie apocalypse appear as close to the top as possible.

I measured the text… in the end i can get a printed version out of it, so there is no reason not to. I will Createspace a paper version, linked to the Kindle version. But I am going to branch out and use Smashwords to distribute it through all the other digital books outlets…they take a small percentage but what the hell do i care? i wasn’t making any more money otherwise.

Well that’s the plan for this book, which is essentially the experiment in writing the digital version of a book before the paper version. My plan for 2013 is to work on at least one book per month same as the history reprints. i need to start converting more words into money,since words are free. I can’t kick myself in the ass too much for not doing this before…all those decades of wanting to write and being hampered by a writer’s block the size of Uluru… now that i have reached middle age I seem to have diarrhea of the fingers.

I am making a list of the next digital piece to work on. Taking suggestions… I am hoping to find one cooking related, there are all kinds of yummy research benefits on that one.

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