ghillie man

just when you think your job/life sucks you see a poor schmuck who is worse off….and this was after i passed another kid in a gorilla suit.

I spent all day thursday mainlining nyquil and excedrin and friday putting together the Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley’s auction program assembled and printed..which also includes printing and framing some of my work as actual donations. They tell me they were a big hit, I don’t know I was stuck working the front desk as always…two computers no waiting…well actually there was waiting at the checkout but less than last year and even less than the previous year…i ordered the dohickey that swipes charge cards on your iphone…which worked fine and impressed the locals…and isn’t that the true goal of personal electronic gadgets?

the rest of the week is blurry, when the bank account echos i tend to spend time cleaning the house and watching tv, afraid to do anything that will cost me money. doesn’t always work but i do try. i do make lists of what i WILL buy when the money reappears..silly little things, like food and utilities… i have been banking on more work to come my way in the coming year, but after 30 years of that i have gotten spectacularly good at treading water.

It’s gorgeous weather out….from what i can see out the window…i have a litter boxes to clean and linens to wash. Do you suppose that a ghillie suit is dry clean only?

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