give me that olde tyme religion

I took a little trip down memory lane today. Rebekah from Coelacanth Books, convinced me to pry my ass out of this chair and nip over to the Pepperell Library Sale. having lost my taste for library sales with the invention of Scoutpal, I went grudgingly.

It turned out to be quite nice in a non-profit making way. It was the KIND of sale that gave me the warm fuzzies. The last day of any sale is usually a treasure hunt, you may find something you may not. I found a few worthless things that I didn’t mind owning. The ‘friends’ had NOT prescreened out all the nasty ‘old’ books like a lot of sales, so there was a nice old style morass of good and bad cheek to cheek and that’s a lot more fun to root through. It’s very depressing to cast your eye over a table and know there isn’t anything on it older than your shoes.

On the OTHER hand, the sale had been raped and pillaged on the 1st day by the mongol hordes with their hand scanners. I had heard this horror story from another bookseller the day before. And sure enough in my eavesdropping I heard it all over again with full color commentary. Of course me with my big mouth had to get on my soap box and preach the wickedness of the ways of the digi-heads. These badly behaved penny sellers should be denied their toys. Pushing grannies out of the way to scoop up piles of books to scan and then leaving a huge mess for the volunteers to pick up afterwards shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone in ANY profession. I can’t bring myself to apologize for these assholes, but I try to make it clear at every occasion that these guys are NOT booksellers. They are just people who feed books to the internet . . . . and don’t know anything except what the machines tell them.

Of course after I got off my soap box I felt sorry they had to hear my rant, even though they were nodding their heads the whole time. And for the few raggedy books I did buy I kinda overpaid . . a lot. Hey, THEY had to clean up the mess – all I have to do is write about it.

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