glass parka

snowman_clipart_1Through a conflux of business events every dollar I own, besides three, are all tied up in banking transactions – and until it all clears on Monday I am forced to work on less sexy projects like decluttering.

I am looking at one my mother’s coats right now. Not sentimentally, my mother had many coats, this one she stole from me. It’s a blue L L Bean Parka I bought 20 plus years ago, when I was married and REALLY poor….not like now, I mean turkey back soup poor. I was doing all kinds of odd jobs and needed an outside coat that didn’t suck. After visiting department stores both upscale and down, I realized that none of the women’s coats were built for any real warmth. If I didn’t want to freeze my ass off I needed to spend an amount of money equivalent to one week’s pay. I can’t tell you how I scrounged the money to order this coat but I did and I wore it every year it would fit. When it didn’t fit me anymore, Herself acquired and wore it for many winters.

These days I treat the thriftshops like my personal closet, if i need something I buy it – if i don’t need something I give it back. But this coat I can’t bring myself to just donate as i have with all her other stuff. I haven’t as yet figure out what exactly to do with it. Perhaps I will carry it around like a glass slipper, making all my friends try it on, looking for its new owner. Not everyone is comfortable wearing dead folks clothing, it is an acquired taste.

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