gnashing of teeth

Dear god, how I loathe stupid people, and stupid people who think they are putting one over on you are the absolute bottom. They just can’t understand how really asinine they look trying.

Lowell Janitorial Supply.
600 Dutton St
Lowell, MA 01854

To Whom It May Concern:

I surrender, I give up. I will no longer attempt to transact business with Lowell Janitorial. I have called your company every two or three weeks since November 2007, trying to buy soot sponges.

On various occasions I have been told:

• you did not know what they were,
• you did not stock them,
• you stocked them but not right now
• you had 8 (which I purchased) and you would call me when you got more in stock
• would order them and then contact me,
• had to talk to someone else and then call me right back
• “the person who does the ordering” would contact me

I have visited your store several times and even though I always prepay my orders, I filled out an account application on the hope it would speed up the process.

None of the things I have done seem to have convinced the men who work there that YES I AM A REAL COMPANY. I have accounts with 30 different vendors all over the country, and for some outrageous reason, I thought it would be more convenient to buy something at vendor which I drive past every week to visit another vendor.

The only explanation I have arrived at is that women are not welcome as Lowell Janitorial clients. If you had told me that in the first place we could have save a lot of time and energy.

I will continue to order my soot sponges from a company in Pennsylvania and I will be forwarding a complaint about such blatant sexism to the Attorney General.

J. Godsey

There THAT ought to show them. a good tongue lashing always works…or almost always…or well, damn it, it was good for me.

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