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I have slowly become fascinated with all those folks who are preparing for disaster and zombie revolutions…i suppose none of us can be completely complacent anymore..we all watch the Katrina Fema fuckup live on tv..it was enough to make anyone put a little bug out bag in the corner. Interesting thing about the internet is that it shines a light on all the sects in the universe… so if you want to peek at an alternate universe you can. There are hundreds of ready made emergency kits, 72 hour disaster kits, family food caches…it all smacks of a cross between the Whole Earth Catalog and the Scientific American built fall out shelter. Apparently there is a cottage industry on the net and ebay of putting together disaster kits and selling them to other terrified people.

I wasn’t THAT paranoid..and i’m still not really..but i did notice that since i carry a bunch of ‘preparedness’ crap with me already..and it does get used from time to time..”do you have a knife?” “do you have an asprin”, “do you have a rope, bungee cord, trashbag, bandaid, tweezers”…it goes on. Am ‘I’ just one of those people one expects to have these things?
First i put together a little tool/first aid kit for the bike…then when is started going out in the boat, i needed a bigger more elaborate bunch of ‘just-in-case-crap’. Then i put together a couple of bucks for the back of the truck,..one with graffiti removal supplies..then another which is just trash removal stuff, bags and gloves and such…i really like putting kits together..it must be a thing.

Last year, I decided I wanted a go bag that wasn’t my regular bag with extra stuff crammed in. I have studied all the lists for what SHOULD go in a bag..and i decided that everyone has their opinion and the ready mades aren’t worth the money. A custom made one is much better for anyone. I don’t live any sort of lifestyle that would put me in harms way or demand emergency preparedness at all times..so instead of doing it all at once..which i couldn’t afford on my best day, i just buy about one thing a month for it. I started with a used red Jansport from ebay, and now it has a red nylon shaving kit bag for first aid stuff. At one ‘thing’ a month, I picked up a hand crank solar powered radio, a handcranked flashlight, some glow sticks, bandages, scissors, thermal blankets (why DO they call those blankets?) hand warmers etc..
Most of the crap i already had in house, i just had to rearrange it to be in the same place.

I also need a first aid kit to keep in the truck when we do rail trail events or CERT mobilizations, and whatnot..So I can just start dragging this backpack around instead of leaving it in a corner. My personal idea is to have graduated ‘kits’ combine the red backpack, with the small green duffle that has the crowbar, work gloves, rope etc.. combine those with the BIG blue duffle which has the tent, and folding chair etc.. if i ever get evicted i should be okay for 72 hours. I am not in a position to do the same for my roommates…without the regular paycheck it’s hard enough for me to keep 72 hours worth of food around the house, than have that much leftover to ‘store’. today I got a box of flexible band aids…hmm i may need a box of those for my everyday bag.

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