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snowshoesIt seems i can’t work on more than one blog a day….. perhaps less…spent a while bringing armv.org up to a point I feel comfortable leaving it alone for a few days.  It took me a few years to get control over the rescue group’s website, which hadn’t been updated since 2004.  You know how it is with non profit groups, someone who ‘does this for a living’ insists on contributing a website and then once it’s done never wants to deal with it again, but feels insulted if you want anything changed or updated or god forbid take it over.  but as the internet is whipping along at tweeting speed, websites need to be updated as often as possible to be taken seriously.  no longer can a website stand static only to be updated when the wind direction changes.  If your website doesn’t produce a feed on a regular basis, it can practically be called dead.

I have neared the end of a small project where I converted all my active websites to wordpress, be they blogs or not.  it is so much simpler for my tiny brain to pop between websites when they are all using the same software.   each day a different website gets watered and weeded.  In my mind’s i am so slick that i am hatching still another site with a friend – but who knows that could just be a rock instead of an egg, time will tell.

Tuesday I took a drive to worcester 1 hour down, 1 hour back to pick up a donated cat tree.  it’s what you think it is, a big wooden thing with cats hanging off…they provided the frame, I provide the cats.  It gave me time to think.  I really need to monetize my websites…as tasteless and tacky as I think it is to fill  every nook and cranny with adsense blocks, something must be done.  the dunning letters from the utility companies have stopped coming and that is never a good sign.

Tonight i was invited to the Board of Trade meeting (silly people, bet none of them have dunning letters from the gas company)  – i got sat next to an 80 year old woman in a mini skirt and gogo boots (wtf?)

today I caught myself  duck walking my way across the ice in my parking lot, not because i was afraid of falling, just avoiding it  because  it inconvenient and expensive to break something.  It was more apparent when i was unloading the back of my truck and instead of jumping down into a snow bank I climbed down cautiously….am I old? or am i just acting that way?  I don’t have a red mini skirt….should i buy one?  This morning I got my 1st invitation to join AARP (wtf?)

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