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I never knew largess could be sooo . . . . convenient. I had the food bank people back again, this time I let their handyman have free rein in the basement. I handed him a few plastic recycle bins and said go at it – brushes, fasteners, tools, door knobs, wallpaper stuff, soldering stuff, stuff that was here when we bought the place, etc. I think he has the old work shop cleaned down to the stone walls. All the while I am hoping that somewhere in there is something my brother didn’t want to give away. Regardless, I’m feeling pretty smucking fart today. You know that rocking on the heels thing with your thumbs in your belt loops? I did that. They are coming back tomorrow for the wood in the barn.

Here’s a few things to look at:
BibliOdyssey blog has a tribute post to book illustrator Edward Bawden

And Photoshelter’s Shoot the Blog has the oldest image of a tornado posted
August 28, 1884
Oldest Known Photograph of a Tornado
22 miles southwest of Howard, South Dakota
which lead me to the NOAA photo library:
“Trombe sur terre”, tornado over land
In: “Histoire des Meteores”, J. Rambosson, 1869. Figure 48, p. 209

(I so love public domain)

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