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It seems if I am busy I don’t think to blog something, if I am not busy the odds are good i’m too depressed to think of something creative. Monday I did the spay/neuter clinic until late, typed until late, Tuesday I went back to the clinic to help install a new floor until late, Wednesday..damn i can’t remember most of Wednesday, can you? I do remember typing and typing.

I manage to push The History of the First Church of Methuen to proof phase and now I am trying to get some more material transcribed.    On the PLUS side, the local farm stand – slash- store has agreed to carry all my books whenever I get around to buying a spinning wire rack.  But I already decided to bribe myself . . . I can’t buy that unit until I have 24 titles ready to fill it; so about 5 more to go.    Tomorrow I am furthering my research on the Short Historical Works of Robert H Tewksbury…dead these last 113 years, he left some scattered writings that are screaming for collecting. I also have my eye on five or six other titles…the GOAL for 2013 is to have the spinning rack in the store well before November 1st, which includes the store owners’s grandmother’s two historical fiction novels.   It’s good to have a goal right?

My goal for today was to actually get a lot more material typed….alas the universe had other plans..the weather is warm and I was gifted with a smacking migraine.  It is probably my own fault, i stopped drinking Red Bull, Coke and Pepsi etc.. a few months ago, thinking I could keep the migraines at bay if the only caffeine I am getting is in the headache pills.  I’m a little pissed…if I am going to get them anyway, I may as well be drinking what I like.  On the other hand my electric tea kettle IS getting an extra workout, perhaps I need to be making my tea with caffeinated water?

Tomorrow I have a luncheon date to get ONE of my titles into a giftshop in Andover…i need to do more other titles outside of Methuen and Lawrence, not going to get rich this way am I?




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