goes to show you never can tell

I had to be in three places at once today . . I only made two of them. The PC is still in the shop, the internet service here is going down at regular intervals, I only got 2 of the 5 kittens adopted. So, I stole an hour from my own life and ran up to the tiny Granite State Book and Paper Show. Which was exactly as described, half book dealers, half ephemera dealers. And let me tell you – it seems ephemera collecting is a BOYS OWN Adventure. You could have mistaken this crowd for an auto show – or a stamp show – also heavy on the boys. I don’t know why I went up, Greg Powers from Powers Bookshop in Manchester had set up, as well as Richard Mori from Mori Books in Amherst, NH – but I was supposed to be 50 miles away at the time – but alas the lure of the unknown.

I had forgotten my checkbook and only had lunch money -and wouldn’t you know it? – 1st book I walked into and the 1st book I touched HAD to be mine. And i was immediately overcome with all sorts of guilt. I don’t usually buy expensive books for MYSELF, cept reference books I can’t avoid – but flipping through this flipping thing I came over all tingly. And lucky lucky for me, I had ONE last check squirreled away in the back of my wallet. (I never find anything so why bring them?)

You should have figured out by now I am a serious book GEEK,I like books as well as the PROCESS of making them. Rainbow Connection Eclectics from North Hampton had brought along a Printer’s Desk Book from the American Type Foundry So Boston 1898. (think of it like Sears Catalog for 19thc typesetters) The font displays are kinda fun, but I got a million fonts – IT has tons of typographical ornaments, which is a coincidence since they are sold by the pound, not quantity. I reconize a lot of them from Dover’s Public Domains series, but there’s lots of other stuff in there too. I spent my lunch pouring over the pages, giggling like a 12 year old with a blue magazine. (one day when i know you better I will tell you about my stationery & office supply fetish.)

So, I guess you just never can tell what you find, when you step out the door. I have been to what? 4-5 shows in the past few months and haven’t found anything I could call dibs on until this. Hmm . . . I wonder how any more shows there are this season? hmm I wonder how many more CHECKS I have left?


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