going green

Let’s not get all excited..I buy plant material quite often just not in such huge amounts. well huge for me. A few weeks ago i did the math incorrectly and thought i was turning 50 in december. i didn’t have a panic attack or nothing, just pondering a lot of stuff. And i never had any plans to live this long, and to quote Mickey Mantle “If I knew I’d live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” seriously i wake up in the morning and decide if todays a good day be above ground or not. So for a minute there i thought i was a smidgen older than i actually am. big whup. but regardless i feel like shit. and like the rest of the country i am rationalizing it by saying i don’t have TIME to eat well or i can’t afford it…or whatever…i’m the world’s BEST rationalizer. I can rationalize myself into almost anything. So now i’m going to rationalize myself into a plant based diet.

Well I HAD been contemplating it for a while now…the kicker was flipping on Netflix instant watch on my Roku box and watching another in a recent spate of scary food related documentaries…Forks over Knives The title is never really explained I think it translates to choosing Forks over scalpels – eat more plants to keep yourself from dying youngish and leaving a fat bloated american corpse. Basically as a people we are killing ourselves..now that the entire agriculture economy has turned every bite we eat into an amuse bouche…we are literally amusing ourselves to death with food. (apologies to Neal Postman)

I had already pushed most beef out of my diet except on a rare occasion I get a rare steak..can’t help it.. i live downwind of a steakhouse…and american chicken tastes like nothing basically, so i a was down to milk, eggs, bacon with a little ham now and then – as far as animal proteins went. The rest of my diet was taken up by carbs, lovely lovely addictive wanna eat till i die carbohydrates. I do love a good bread. But then show me high fructose corn syrup and i will be your bitch too. I was yoyoing back and forth between swearing it off and taking it intravenously. Do they have Carb Anonymous? i bet they do, they have everything anonymous these days.

When i got my shit together I took my last trash bag and did a clean sweep of the fridge – i am not completely converted, i left some ground turkey in the freezer and my hard cheeses in the crisper. It’s plant a CENTRIC diet not Vegan – i won’t go that far yet – too scary to contemplate. nevermind commit to.

But then i have been down this diet road before i know the path well and i can seem my footprints going back and forth. I suck at consistency. But i will take a stab at it …. i still have another year left on my biological sundial.

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