going postal

Wow, the second app generated card came in the mail today, and my brain is running away with itself. If you go to the drug store and BUY a card to send someone it’s gonna cost 2 or 3 bucks then you still have to put postage on it. But this CARDS app From Apple IOS, gave me a HIGH quality card with bristol finish (not glossy), in an envelope, nicely printed in my mailbox in what? 3 days? Combining THAT with the fact that i now have access to a LOT of my own images not on my phone via Dropbox and Carbonite, I could easily generate a greeting card for any purpose from my phone – and from what i can see i can’t do the same thing AS easily from my computer. Scuse me, i just made my ‘O’ face, this is truly what the 21st century is all about. Granted $3 each I wont’ be doing it everyday…but this only goes to show that you need to keep your contact list current with addresses and finally have a freaking use for that facebook feature which reminds you of birthdays for people you don’t really know.

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