goldfish memory

2015-03-06 18.04.32By my count I am about 5 posts behind…i randomly added reminders to my calendar and there are 5 ignored reminders, go figure.  I wasn’t especially busy this week, but I just couldn’t provoke myself to sit at the computer long enough.  I have to be careful, if i sit at the computer for any length of time, then i have to actually WORK. If I avoid the computer I can do whatever I want, and hence all the MUST DO things are still sitting there waiting for me when i have the time to get to it. And a lot of little stupid projects get done while I avoid the big ones.

I had repeatedly refused to set up this fish tank from the 1st day I brought the damn-goldfish  into the house from the pond, yes that’s what I am calling them…damn-goldfish, the goldfish that will not die.  First I put them in bowls, and when i got tired of cleaning the bowls, i tried two small fish tanks, each with a filter, and i got tired of trying to keep those clean, and I admitted i had to set up the TANK.

I have HAD tanks before, and I personally find them a pain in the ass. Perhaps because I never embraced fish as a hobby, mostly just as a distraction. Once it is set up, it is becomes a commitment to keep it attractive and healthy, at practically whatever cost.

As you can see I haven’t painted the living room, not installed a new floor, and I will have to break down the bookcases and NOT be sleeping in the living room to do these things.  That probably won’t happen for a year, so delaying setting up the tank doesn’t really matter anymore.

Of course there was a list of things that had to be done before I could move the fish.    The vintage tank stand was old and rusted and in the last house it held a bookpress and I would have to spray paint it.  The Antique tank, had last held a field mouse, so it had to be scrubbed clean with rock salt.  And I had to buy rocks for the bottom, AND I had to move the dvd shelf from the spot it would all occupy.

10292538_10153057484070312_5908606184154368450_nI did all of these things a little at a time, throwing a coat of paint on the stand every time I turned the laundry and so forth.  By yesterday I was ready to move the fish, and remarkably I got it done without making a huge wet mess, killing the fish or breaking any of the three slippery glass boxes. (hint, i wore my hiking shoes while i did it.)

After spending all that damn money on tanks, filters, and filter cartridges, water treatment chemicals, other water additives, two sorts of foods, heavy duty shelf brackets, now spray paint,and rocks, these damn-goldfish are still alive.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just LEAVE THEM THE POND ? and let them take their chances? maybe they wouldn’t have frozen to death in the 18″ deep pond, but I doubt it.  I could have just given them away, maybe they would be happier somewhere else.  Now I have this tank in my living room that like the cats, and the squirrels will demand attention. That’s not really in keeping with my new life, and my new aim to simplify things is it?  Why the hell do I always  GO the long way around the mountain?  When given a problem to solve that is usually the route I choose.  If I had just given them away this could have been avoided entirely.  I will have to remember this.

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