good turns


This morning there was no power in the little room i laughingly call an office, so i snaked a couple of power cords in from the kitchen…and unless it miraculously fixes itself it will probably stay that way until I move.

Once i got the PC going again and my brother threw a hand grenade into my life…I spent the day angry cleaning ……. the only productive thing i managed to do was to pack up 5 boxes of cameras, camera equipment, camera cases and misc photographic debris…. i know i could have listed a lot of it online and try to squeeze a few dollars out of it all, but the problem with that is that each piece gives me an excuse to keep it.

Overall the safest thing for me to do was to donate it all enmass….the same for anything i want to STOP collecting…pick out a few pieces i like then give the rest of it away  to the Film Photography Project….a bunch of folks who podcast about film photography and also REDISTRIBUTE film camera equipment to film students who request it.

I had donated excess equipment before…and this was the stuff i was keeping in reserve ….but for what…when i do shoot it is always with the Canon AE-1….. and the digital..which is now my least favorite camera. I shipped what i could afford and warned Mike it was all coming…so he’s sending a UPS Pickup label for the rest of it. Which is nice of him.

Meanwhile a friend of mine is upgrading her pocket camera so she is sending me her old one…another Nikon Coolpix…my favorite! that was nice of her…she’s already on cloud nine…she picked up a new gig and will be sending me her extra editing work…….. I also go a letter from the department store in Greenfield, they loved the sample books I sent them and are looking forward to selling the ones I am diligently working on now. . looks like when i DO get to new digs I will have some work to keep me busy.

So today wasn’t all completely awful, just in spots…. I’m going to flip through the Fat External Harddrive full of photos and look for stuff i can exploit and sell… I am expecting to get inspired when i get the hell out of here. We’ll see. right now i’m still just feeling six kinds of angry and uninspired.

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