goof gone

You caught me, I have been an unabashed goof off. In the last few days I have consumed several thousands of pages of information regarding rail trails, trail maintenance, community bicycling, grant programs, etc etc etc…I have also gone out and shot lots of blurry pictures, hiked all the other local rail beds, met with other trail heads, and interviewed people on the street. And am only now starting to think I can talk about this project without feeling naive. Another week of this and I think I can sell it to other people.

Maybe I just need to get out of the house. Orders are so slow they are starting to go backwards. A library with nicotine smelly books was wondering why their book deodorizer hasn’t worked….they forgot to mention the books were still wrapped in their plastic dust jacket protectors…well book deodorizer works but its not freaking magic. Sheesh. Strip the books and then we’ll talk, cause 18 years still no refunds. knock wood.

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