goose goose duck!

busy day…oh wait that was yesterday…and still it runeth over into today too. I spent yesterday in meetings that centered around linking the Methuen Rail trail with the Salem NH trail which is a bit of a big honking deal…well in certain circles. Today I spent most of the day to find some vendors to buy scrap rail stock…and the rest of it juggling phone calls to pull off an extra pet spay clinic and arrange an accidental on purpose meetup between a railtrail developer and an influential politician – and then on TOP of it all…i finally made contact with someone who not only has goats but uses them to landscape in areas where traditional methods are discouraged – and then i finished off by trapping the last kitten at a particular location.

Somewhere in there i had interminable call from a customer who wanted me to teach them everything i know about book repair over the phone. NOT the first time this has happened..but i gather the customers are starting to tell that i am less than thrilled at this sort of thing. That’s an hour and a half i won’t get back and if i try to back off politely they act all insulted like the 4 or 5 dollars i am going to make from their entire transation is enough to make me just want to spend my entire day walking them through a repair on a book that i know they have no business doing.  but do they listen when i tell them that? no. they practically insist that if i just a FEW more questions then they can go off and make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

I keep telling folks the world would be so much better if people just did what i tell em to do.



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