got ink?

I have that bumper sticker on my truck…i bought i when i didn’t know what it meant, i just liked the sentiment. (psst “got ink?” is a tattoo thing..not just a 1st amendment thing) But alas that sticker will go to the big junk yard in the sky with my truck. it is on it’s last sputterings…hopefully it will last until i raise the money to buy another one…do NOT ask me how, at this point I am considering previously discarded options. any suggestions are welcome

worth reading • There is a call for submissions of Literary Tattoos by Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor for an upcoming book.

Off the Shelf from the Boston Globe also gave us the heads up about other Literary tattoos locations. , Contrariwise: Literary Tatoos and Yuppie Punk, I guess i don’t run with the right crowds.

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