grand day out

Instead of doing the zillion things i was supposed to, I slipped out to the book fair on saturday. for first time in a while there were more vendors present that i didn’t know than ones i did. but no matter i ended up chewing the fat with the folks for nearly the entire time. I didn’t take near as interesting pictures, and completely forgot to take notes. I had a program but i handed it off to some lost couple. the good news was that with more ‘new’ vendors, it was a good day to shop for books, the bad news is that less than a quarter of the fair space was for books, the rest was for ‘antiques’ – there is probably a conclusion I can draw from it but i’m not going to bother.


i’m trying to add notes to them, but i am a little fuzzy on the details. note to self, take more notes.

btw that IS Moby the 25 lb cat, who is still looking for a bookstore to call home…

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