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Yesterday was the 1st time I ran wholesale orders through my website.  and it worked great…no i mean it, it worked better than expected. Using the NEW CC processing, the money gets in my acct instantly.  having both the wholesale orders and the customers orders run through the same system, i won’t be losing any orders. I no longer have to use faxing service, though i may keep the number but shut off the service for a while. I can just order the products drop shipped to the customer which speeds up the process on so many levels. It was a good day. and I now have a positive balance…in paypal if not in the actual bank. I shudder to look at the bank acct, end of the money, you can play handball in that account.

I am spending a lot of time thinking about earning a living in the new place. Like the recycling, if i start as i mean to go on, then it won’t be such a trauma. I had to make a stupid 2+ trip yesterday so i had a lot of time to think about it. Driving helped. I will continue with the repair products and expand the line as i had planned to this summer…despite the failure of the US Census job…(they finally set the tags for their boxes) and i will finally have some money to throw into it, i am going to add some magnifying devices, some more paper craft knives, some more leather preservation products and so forth. There are a lot of of BIG houses that sell everything to everybody…University Products..which is weird cause i buy from them and they buy from me and we both sell to everyone else..very snake eating long tail. But my NICHE seems to be the people who only want a little. So back to the 4 ounce containers and the little of this and little of that. It seems to work for me.

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The history reprints I love, so despite the fact that they actually cost me time and money to create, i BELIEVE in the idea. The Merrimack Valley is too broken, from what i can see if i had a series of Pioneer Valley history books, there are at least a dozen places that may be interested in carrying them: Libraries, bookstores, department stores etc.. my idea of creating them for RESALE by third party organizations is the soul of the idea. it puts the selling of the books into the hands of someone else, and it puts the books out into the community in front of the consumer. If you can’t get them to come looking for the books, stick the books in their face. So as soon as I hear that the house is listed for sale, I am going to start in on the that line of books, so i will have them in my saddle bag when i get there. I still like creating the backstock books, the Pirate Wench, the New England cookbooks etc… it adds a little variety – but they are all offered as resale items.

On the THIRD hand, I still want to finish WRITING two or three books that i have started. But HERE, I have yet to be able to SIT for more than a couple of hours and work, before my phone rings and i have to go off and pull a cat out of a hoarding house or show someone the rail trail, or one of fifteen other crises. I think in another location I will be able to focus.

And FOUTH hand….I decided to be bold enough to look at everything, not just multiunits, as long as its in my price range I will look at it. IF,that’s a big IF,  I end up looking at something with more land than i feel comfortable with. I hate mowing lawns for the sake of lawns, i’m afraid my neighbors would hate me, i prefer the weeds and flowers to turf…. if i ended up with a little outdoor space, i will put up a greenhouse, 1st i will grow for myself until i have all the bugs worked out, but then i can grow some heirloom Veg for local sale. some heirloom tomatoes and squash and sell them to the local restaurants – perhaps get certified organic if that works out. It’s just good to have a plan to deal with whatever homes are showed to me. If you show me one with a store, i will open a store, show me one with a barn, i will raise livestock, it i have a garage, i will fix bikes, if i have lawn i will grow tomatoes. I’d rather widen my options of where to live, than keep looking for a place to live that fits inside my IDEA of where i should live. that’s my plan.  and I love it when a plan comes together.

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