Gripping idea

Since I have gotten this kindle fire and have been using it my hands have been giving my trouble.  The fucking thing is thin on purpose so gripping it for any length of time causes cramps. I really want to buy the Otter box case for it but they have yet to release it.  Shockingly I am looking forward to spending the 50 bucks when it becomes available ..I’m tickled with the Defender case for the iphone, even someone like me hasn’t been  able to destroy it.


I found a temporary solution on instructables that suggested I use an old dead casebound book and some Sugru….my sugru is expiring I need to use it up anyway.

So far so good. It is easier to grab and move and less likely to slip and fall on the floor and if it does and the Sugru let’s go it won’t kill the device.

I could pick up a cheap case and I still may but id rather put that money towards the damn Otter box…after I thought about it I figured out the high price.  These devices change with every evolution so the cases are not a particularly high volume seller for these folks….felt I suppose for the iphone versions

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